Friday, March 02, 2007

The Grey Havens

Sorry not to be posting more often but I am out with Arwen and my youngest son to the Grey Havens here on the edge of Middle Earth. We are in a conference with workers and nationals from across the region and it has been really great to see how the King has been moving in spite of great opposition.
We heard a story that I thought was funny. A church planter trainer in western Rohan was speaking to a group of persecuted beleivers. He said that God is training us through three important methods.
Theology- The study of God through His word
Parentology- The persecution we have through our families
Police-ology- The harrasment and imprisonment that they experience from the state.

He said the King used all these things to build them up and make them mature in Christ.

Don't you wish you lived in Rohan and had all those good discipleship tools?

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