Thursday, July 02, 2009


Every time I see Eomer these days he has another great story to tell. A couple of months ago a cousin of his came to faith and Sunday that cousin's brother-in-law came to faith. Eomer said that this guy had come to their home during their family worship time about a month ago. He was depressed and just sat with his head in his hands the whole time, looking down and not saying anything. They supposed that he just was not interested in the Good News being shared. Saturday night he had a dream. He was standing in the presence of Jesus and light radiated from Him. He wanted to approach Jesus but he was dirty and he felt ashamed. Just when the longing to approach Jesus was about to overwhelm his shyness he woke up. He got down on his knees and prayed to receive Jesus right then. Then he got on the phone. He called Eomer later that morning and told him what happened. Eomer and his wife went down to see him that evening. They counseled him and rejoiced with him. They told him he must tell others about Jesus and asked if he was ready to do this? Family persecution is a big deal and many are secret believers for years before they get up the nerve to tell even their closest relatives about their new faith. He replied that he had called his mom and dad and all his family and told them what had happened before he had even called Eomer. Praise God who gives faith in abundance and shines His light in the darkest of places.