Sunday, February 04, 2007

Friends of Daniel

The call was quite unexpected. Bomber had heard the truth many times and had seen the King work in his life first hand but had never shown any sign that he had the courage to follow Jesus. In the end, faith and courage are close brothers. Indeed they are many times inseparable as the enemy's chief weapon is fear. Bomber called Frodo and asked him how he could become a follower of Jesus. Frodo's answer was not surprising. He told him to go back down to Anfalas where he was from and talk to Kili and Fili. They knew what to do.
Two days later Frodo and Sam traveled down to Anfalas to see what was up. For those of you who have not read back to the Anfalas story, Kili and Fili came to faith this last March and they and their wives are the only believers in the small village of Anfalas. Bomber's son had been miraculously healed- and later his daughter as well- but he had not the courage to follow Jesus and indeed I doubted that he would ever find such. When Frodo and Sam reached Anfalas they went to Bomber's home. He had not gone to Kili and Fili yet but he still wanted to accept Jesus. When asked why the answer was that he was going to travel to Agmar soon and he wanted to make sure that he was in the good graces of the King before he went. Many men here travel to Agmar to work but it is dangerous for them and they don't like it there. So, Frodo asked why he was going and he replied that he was in debt and had to. What debt? A local 'humanitarian' group had leant him money for last year's crop and even though the crop did not do well they still expected payment.
Frodo and Sam took him to the neighboring village and talked to the agency. Frodo and Sam can speak quite boldly when needed and they convinced the agency to give Bomber more time.
Bomber would not have to go to Agmar.
When they returned to Anfalas there was a huge meeting of the entire village. The Government appointed leader was there and he gathered everyone to discuss with Frodo and Sam the canal project that they were working on. Grima was from Ithilian originally as were all of the residence of Anfalas. He was appointed by the Government to oversee the village and he did not miss much of what was happening. He was also a firm follower of Islam and often went behind our team telling people not to listen to us. Of course, to me he was always thankful for our help and very gracious. It was easy to see however, that he had another side.
During the meeting he looked at Kili and asked him in front of the whole village, "Are you a Christian?" He did this to intimidate Kili and humiliate him in front of the village and make an example of him to Frodo and Sam. As Frodo related the story to me he was amazed at Kili's answer. "Yes, I am" he said. "Why" came the reply of Grima. The next answer was even bolder. "Because Jesus is God and he died on the cross for our sins." Fili not wanting to be left out added, "And he rose from the dead and is coming again." I wish I had been there to see that. Daniel's three friends were not any braver in their day than Kili and Fili were.
The next day Bomber went to Kili and Fili and asked them to help him pray to receive Jesus. I asked Frodo what Bomber's wife thought of this and he said that she has been waiting for him to make this decision for some time now. I expect that they will both become followers of Jesus in Anfalas. I go next week to see them. Pray that their courage extends to their being baptised soon.
As I have said many times, fear is the chief weapon of the enemy. He uses it to keep us bound to his lies. "Yes, it is right to go this way, but better be safe and go that way." "Don't do this, do that instead... not now, later may be more to keep quiet... you don't want to offend anyone... people might misunderstand... it is not worth the risk." Yes, the enemy's wisperings never seem to stop. Sometimes we are afraid and we don't even know why. When I feel fear I get angry because I know it is the voice of the enemy of our souls and I hate that voice. I have lived in fear, so have you. So have Kili and Fili. Never again.


Alan Knox said...


Thank you for this testimony. Their boldness and faith has challenged me. I've posted this blog hoping that their story will challenge others as well.


GuyMuse said...

...fear is the chief weapon of the enemy. He uses it to keep us bound to his lies...

You are exactly right. We need to be on the offense as Christians, not on the defense. Satan is the one on the defense "the gates of hell will not prevail". Satan is trying to hold off the attack of the chosen ones of the Lord.

Anonymous said...

Strider, I think the sooner ppl realise that there is a real evil power that exists and only wants to steal our inner peace, the better off they will be ...the reason I say this is I have found that in MOST it is all to easy to sit back and believe in God and his loving kindness which is all true but they fail to realise Satan is very powerful and continues to rock ppl to sleep. Get them comfortable in their every day lives. A very frustrating thing to see. Thanks for the post. Angie. Oh and guymuse has me wondering what he meant about Chosen ones???