Tuesday, September 07, 2010

The Truth

This is an old story that deserved telling long before now. Many years ago I taught English at a language institute with two other Westerners. We always had one person who spoke English a lot better than the rest of the students and we knew that person was likely a member of the security services keeping tabs on us. In each of our classes there was a lady. She was a very nice lady who signed up for all three of our classes and sat diligently in everyone never missing a class. She was the wife of the Deputy Mayor of our city and we were not sure if she just wanted to speak English or if she too was reporting on us.

Often at the end of class we would play Pictionary to let the students practice their English and have a little fun. One day it was the Deputy Mayor's wife's turn and she drew her card with the English word on it and went to the board to draw something that would encourage the class to guess the word. She drew a simple cross and stood there. The class called out, 'cross?' 'Intersection?' 'lines?' 'Give us something else, draw more!' They called and cried out and the lady just stood there staring at the board without moving. Finally, my fellow teacher called time and they moved on to the next word. After class he asked the lady what the deal was. Why was she so stuck? She said, 'My word was 'Truth'. I drew the cross and then I just stared at it. I could not get past the fact that this was THE truth. I couldn't think of anything but the cross.'

Being a political person as the wife of the Deputy Mayor she never told us outright that she was a Christian. But one day we were discussing how to appropriately pass out Christian literature in this very restrictive environment when suddenly she told us how she did it!

Today, Rohan is a dark police state and the believers there are under constant threat of arrest and persecution. I like to think that there is still a bright intelligent lady there who knows the Truth and is telling others about it.

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