Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Frodo In Anfalas

The team is still struggling with the first well down in Langstrand so in the meantime I thought I would tell you about Frodo. While we were digging a deep hole and not finding water Frodo, who is doing his own ministry now and is not a part of the well-digging team went down to Anfalas. Six years ago we did a lot of work in Anfalas and that story is well told on this blog back in October and November of 2006. In 2006 two families were baptized there and the small church has struggled to minister in the village ever since. Last week Frodo went down with one of his sons and spent four days there sharing his faith, encouraging the small church, and showing evangelistic films every night.

Frodo ran into Bombur and was surprised at what the Lord has been doing! Bombur was the father of a young boy who had been miraculously healed back in 2004 in Jesus name. He had also seen his daughter healed a month later. He had had Bible studies in his home and had heard more truth than most. He believed it all but could not be a follower of Jesus. He was not free to, you see, Bombur is an alcoholic. More than an alcoholic he was the village drunk who could not hold down a job nor be of any use to anybody. Frodo found someone else though. Bombur was a changed man. He said that with the encouragement of his wife and the local believers he had finally given his life to Jesus and that Jesus had set him free from alcohol. More than that the villagers have seen the change in him and he is now the deputy mayor of Anfalas!

I preach God's ability and desire to change lives. His transforming power is truly wonderful. But I stand amazed every time I see it in action as if this is the first time I ever comprehended what it is that the Spirit of God is able to do in the heart of man. Bombur and his wife will hopefully be baptized this week. Lift them up as they walk a dark and dangerous road. But it is a dark and dangerous road that leads to life.

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Hey Strider,

I don't know if you have already or not, but just a reminder to send our job in! We know you have a busy month coming up. We appreciate you and and your work and hope to work along side you ASAP.