Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Dreams and Visions

The atmosphere in Gondor has been getting darker and it isn't because it is winter. Fundamentalist Islam has been spreading among the population again and is being taught everywhere here in Minas Tirith. The Government is doing all it can to stop it but it is growing just the same. Sulafi Islam is a fundamental branch of Islam whereby the adherents teach that only the Koran is authoritative. The Hadiths, traditions and other books are not to be trusted. The Sulafis are bullies who go door to door in their neighborhoods and coerce and threaten people to agree with them.
One of Legolas's relatives who goes to his house church has a cousin by marriage who is a Sulafi. She accosted Legolas's relative and insisted she repent of her heresy of being a follower of Jesus. This lady actually asked Legolas's relative what books she read. She gave her a New Testament. The lady read it for several days. She was confused. She wanted to know whether it was true and one night she had a dream where Jesus appeared in her room and told her the book was true. The next day she went straight to Legalos and asked him if the New Testament was true. He said, 'Why are you asking me when God has already given you the answer?' She is confused. Her whole world is turned upside down and if she does find the faith to be obedient to Christ it will cost her everything. Of course, if she pays the price she will find that she gave up exactly nothing and gained eternity. Pray for her and for the many like her who are in bondage to the lies of the enemy.


Lee said...

that is... awesome. thank you for reminding us that often the Book makes more of a difference than any amount of words could.

Dave said...

I have heard many stories of Jesus appearing to muslims in their dreams. This may be the only way some of them come to faith in Jesus! May God's grace rise as the flood of Noah's day that many may come to know His Son!!