Wednesday, April 15, 2009

For HIm Who Has Ears To Hear

Frodo came by this morning and told me a story. Recently he and Sam went out and were speaking in a home. The host was up and preparing tea and food while they sat in the guestroom. There was a man there and Frodo began speaking to him. He looked at Frodo intently and Frodo was surprised by this man's intensity. So, Frodo began to share the Gospel with him. He didn't ask questions but kept looking at Frodo intently, clearly interested in what he was saying. Frodo went into detail about the love of God and the sacrifice of Jesus Christ for this man. Still the man did not ask questions or respond. It turned out he was a deaf mute. Sam still can't stop laughing. For those of you wondering, no, the man could not read lips either!

Yes yes, it is back to the beginning- we never get far from the beginning it seems- Gospel proclamation is a dialog not a monologue.


Mark S. said...

Hey Brother, long time no see. I just found your blog and have started reading from the beginning.
I would love to hear from you but don't know how to get in touch. How can I leave you contact info so you can contact me? Still in Burleson.

Strider said...

DUDE! It took me a moment to figure out who you were, and then whoa! A blast from the past. Well, leave your e-mail address in a comment here and I will get it and then delete the comment. Good to hear from you.... I will write you as soon as I get your e-mail address. I can't wait to hear about your family.

Mark S. said...
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Anonymous said...

haha. this story makes me laugh!
but what made me laugh more is your use of the word "DUDE" in your comment above. haha so hip daddyjon :P
by the way, I think you probably check this thing more than your email, so go reply to my very long email that I sent you forever ago.
I love you!

Strider said...

Addicted- I met Mark when 'Dude' was cool. I was your age! But no, there were no dinosaurs.

Anonymous said...

haha. Daddy, have I mentioned how much I love you recently? cuz I do. you're basically the best daddy ever, therefore I shall tolerate your very uncool use of "dude" lol.