Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Ministry of Injustice

Well, I had several posts I was meaning to get up here but life has caught up to me. Arwen and I spent several days down in San Antonio without the kids! Then we got back and we hear from Middle Earth that the Ministry of Justice seems to think we are doing evangelism and now they want to shut our aid agency down. I wish I was more guilty than I am but nevertheless they are taking us to court soon and it wont be pretty. I should be able to get back into Gondor in December and then this whole thing will take the best part of next year to sort out but as of right now unless someone steps in and tell the Ministry to back off of us then we will be out sometime in 2009. I am not worried about it as our Father has a good plan. We may yet stay- or if we go we will go on to do His will wherever He calls us to. Arwen and I are at peace and so is our team on the ground. Nevertheless pray for the Boss's own wisdom and power to be at work in our lives and the lives of those in Gondor and throughout Middle Earth.


GuyMuse said...

Sorry to hear about the complications that have arisen in the ministry while you have been Stateside. I don't envy what you will be facing as you go back. Maybe things can be sorted out before then with prayer.

We aren't too far from San Antonio. Next time you are down this way, contact us. We'd love to have guys over for a meal.

Anonymous said...

There have been too many stories like yours Strider. I am praying. I keep remembering when they tried to kill Christ as a baby and did not succeed, neither did they succeed when they nailed Him to a cross. He is alive today. I am praying Strider. This is a big burden for me, but I know that God will not allow this for long. You must be making a difference or they would not feel so threatened. That is the good news.

BKC said...

Praying with you Strider.