Monday, November 06, 2006

The Walls of Jericho

'There's no sense in reinventing the wheel'. I hate that phrase. I think you should always reinvent the wheel. They have never made a wheel that would roll in Middle Earth anyway so of course, we have to invent one. I believe that our King is creative and that if we would follow Him we must be creative as well. That's why formulas and systems do not work in the Kingdom.
I have two daughters. I used to say that one would not color in the lines and the other would not color if there were lines. I was very proud of that. My girls are Luthien (15 almost 16) and Goldilocks (14 going on 24). They are in boarding school out in the east. A couple of years ago when they were still here they decided to do a play. We didn't have time to help them so they did it themselves. They wanted to do a humorus version of Snow White. They couldn't find a script that they liked so Goldilocks wrote one. Luthien helped, mostly to ensure that her leading role as the wicked witch had plenty of juicy lines. They got their friends together and pulled it off. We thought it was great. If they had done someone else's material we would have weighed and measured it. I believe that because the whole project was uniquely theirs that we enjoyed it much more. We could relax and enjoy something uniquely them without having to compare their performance to anyone else.
I think that Kingdom work is like that. The King has something unique for us to do and has enabled our team to do it in a unique way. We must listen to Him alone. No one else can be our guide because no one else has been where we are going. It's like the walls of Jericho. Joshua received excellent instruction as to how to take them down and then they carried out the instructions flawlessly. The next chapter is the most amazing chapter in the Bible for most modern Western Christians. They didn't do it again- ever. Most guys I know would have been circling and hollering around every city in Palestine but not these guys. They did it once and moved on. Wow.
I believe we must seek a relationship with the King that enables us to hear Him and obey Him for each day, each challenge, each situation and then move on. We have got to be creative and do new things, crazy things, things that take faith. Then we will be pleasing to Him. Then we too, will take the land. Anything else is just walking in circles.

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addicted_to_chocolate said...

You forgot to mention that our play was really bad, our voices were too low and we were unorganized. I do take pride in the script though. Oh and you forgot to mention that I was the leading role Snow White, but that's ok. Hee Hee I think this is my favorite post so far!